Always glad to hear from a happy reader

Reader Grant (who didn’t want his last name used for national security reasons) sent me these comments about my first three novels. I had better get the two most recent ones in his hands.

The Circle Of The Chosen is the third science fiction / fantasy novel authored by Alex Binkley that I have read. As with Humanity’s Saving Grace and A Biot’s Odyssey, The Chosen takes the reader in new directions exploring interesting concepts and philosophies yet leaving questions on the table for the reader to mull over.

The Chosen is a mystical adventure story that starts off innocently enough but with each page, we delve deeper into the world the characters exist in, the history of the world & inhabitants and about the characters themselves. The plot takes unexpected turns while enticing the reader to ride along with the band of unwitting characters while they seek to understand what brought them together and their ultimate destiny. Alex paints a detailed picture of the various races, their interrelationships, the landscape and what brings their story to this point. Nothing is simple and straight forward so the reader is best advised to make note of the subtle details.

I can’t help thinking (and hoping for) the story line leaves an opening for a sequel!

I’ve really enjoyed Alex’s novels and look forward to future publications and the new concepts that they will no doubt bring to our attention.