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Humanity’s Saving Grace

Alex Binkley
ISBN 978-0-9867879-6-6
242 pages, perfect bound, glossy colour cover
$17.95 CAN/US

HUmanity's Saving GraceHaving barely avoided self-destruction, an ancient race has expanded to eight other worlds. While the Beings explored Earth numerous times during two centuries with their flying saucers, they didn’t consider the primitive Terrans worth contacting. That changes when their worlds came under attack from a relentless, mysterious foe. The aliens offer to repair Earth’s ravaged environment in exchange for pilots and soldiers to fight their foe. The First Earth Expeditionary Force battles in space and on the ground while trying to comprehend how thousands of humans had been conscripted into fighting for the enemy. Equally puzzling for FEEF is figuring out the motives of robot-like creatures that serve the aliens, and discovering the origin of centuries old ruins on several planets and a seemingly uninhabited community under a protective dome.


A Biot’s Odyssey

Alex Binkley

ISBN 9781988657042 (ebook)

ISBN 978-0994916389 (paperback)

a-biots-odyssey-coverGenghis, a biological robot, has spent 30 years striving to understand how his life has change


d since the Nameless War that made him a hero to humans and Beings. His search for answers led to serving as a crew member on a Being transport starship which encounters a derelict space craft of unknown origin. He succeeds in boarding it and after he’s joined by four more Biots, the craft powers up and takes off with them as reluctant but curious passengers. They discover nine shutdown robots while exploring the ship, which brings them to a rundown space station orbiting a giant ball of molten lava. On board the station are a few more robots unable to operate the station.
The runaway vessel is followed by Being Galaxyships determined to rescue the Biots and discover the builders of the spaceship if they still exist. Among the pursuers is the cruiser Aurreol crewed entirely by Biots including the commander who has her own reasons for finding Genghis.
On the station, Genghis slowly pieces together the robot’s origin. They were built by a species that was nearly wiped out in attacks the survivors blame on their rivals. Genghis and Woodsy, a maverick robot, discover the rivals were attacked at the same time and set out to find the aggressor.