Ultimate Wizard

Stuart Watson operates a thriving business maintaining complex machines and computer systems. Demand for his services soars when he suddenly can repair ones no one else is able to using diagnostic skills well beyond his training and experience as a mechanical engineer.

He retreats to a local watering hole one evening to compile a list of his strange experiences only to discover a woman in the tavern can block his ability to overhear conversations. Before he can meet her, a bedraggled old man appears out of nowhere claiming to be a 300-year-old wizard named Byron who needs Stuart’s protection from an assassin. The assassin is another oldie who Stuart has to subdue. When he does, the oldie turns to dust.

Accompanied by Byron who promises a complete explanation, Stuart heads into the night plunging him into a searing heat wave that is part of a string of deadly weather events and natural disasters that have killed more than a billion people on Earth.

Byron explains the disasters and terrorist attacks are being caused by a cabal of disgruntled ancient Wizards, known as The Brotherhood, which wants to gain control of the planet.

As hard as that is to accept, even more unbelievable is Byron’s claim Stuart has combined magic with his technology skills. He wants Stuart to help him stop The Brotherhood from killing more people.

Judyth Sawyer is a surgeon who has come into special powers to perform life-saving operations. She discovered the emergence of Stuart’s abilities and tracked him to the tavern to learn more about him. She witnessed the arrival of Byron and the disappearance of the other oldie whom no one else appeared to see.