My Short Stories

Whether they are a couple of hundred or a few thousand words in length, short stories are a special challenge for writers. The biggest one is keeping them short while telling a story that readers will enjoy. They also test the writer’s ability to include all the needed information about the main character or characters to hold a reader’s attention without creating uncertainty or confusion about what’s happening. They also serve as a testing ground for a story that might be the basis of or part of a novel. Hope you enjoy them.

  • The Bear Changed Everything - By Alex Binkley Emily Beattie looked out of the window above her kitchen sink searching for wildlife in the tree-lined ravine that ran behind her apartment building. It was part of her routine as she prepared for work. On a good morning, she might spot deer or wild turkeys drinking from the pond formed before… Continue reading The Bear Changed Everything
  • Woods Beyond the Walls - Misque Press included my story Woods beyond the Walls in a 2017 issue of Hero and Heroine, an anthology of paranormal, fantasy and science fiction stories. It’s about a boy celebrating his 13th birthday who discovers his ability to perform some tricks is just the beginning of his gaining powerful magical abilities that will make him… Continue reading Woods Beyond the Walls
  • The Window - Originally published in Misque Press’s Hero and Heroine anthology in 2016. By Alex Binkley Ainsley Smythe held her breath as a couple strolled toward her booth at the art show. She sold 10 landscapes within three hours of the opening, which meant she earned enough money to reduce her hours working at the coffee shop.… Continue reading The Window
  • The Window – a short story by Alex Binkley - This is one of my short stories. As a wise writer said, the hardest part of writing a short story is keeping it short. They all want to become novels. Comments welcome. – Alex — Ainsley Smyth held her breath as another couple strolled toward her booth. She had sold 10 landscapes within three hours… Continue reading The Window – a short story by Alex Binkley