Putting the finishing touches to Ultimate Wizard

My next book blends science fiction and magic in what some call science fantasy. It involves a group of young engineers, doctors and other science professionals who discover their considerable talents have been enhanced in ways they are happy to have but cannot explain. Although one member of their group postulates they have tapped into magic, they don’t accept that argument until they encounter a 300-year-old Wizard. Byron wants their help to stop a group of ancient power-hungry Wizards from destroying the planet with super-volcanos, earthquakes, searing temperatures, tsunamis and other disasters.

Stuart, a mechanical engineer with a knack for repairing unfixable machines, and Judyth, a gifted surgeon, lead the Mages as Byron dubs them, against Merstreem and his destructive gang, known as the Brotherhood. The Mages need to gain the support of Wizards who do not belong to The Brotherhood as well as the Thals, an offshoot of Neanderthals who have magical powers of their own.

With the assistance of a team of Beta readers, I’m trying to cull out any remaining typos and grammar errors as well as making the story as scientifically plausible as possible. I’m hoping for release in the fall of 2018.